Benefits of Using The Online Ad Network

Benefits of Using The Online Ad Network

Benefits of Using The Online Ad Network
Benefits of Using The Online Ad Network

The Online Ad Network is a classified advertising site where you can buy advertising at bulk prices. You get 50 ad slots every month. You can use these on your own ads or also sell some or all of them to others on auction sites or the like. Benefits of Using The Online Ad Network. TOAN is a classified ads site.

Classified advertising sites are very popular as they have a huge potential with searchers. Applicants find paid ads faster than free ads, at least that’s how it works on my trials in this market. TOAN is one of the best media for classified ads in existence today.

It’s cheap too, only $ 19.95 per month for 50 advertising slots. You can do as I do and use half yourself and sell away the other half, or use as you want to.

I sell the ad spots I do not even use for $ 5 on eBay and earn around $ 125 every month extra on this. You can sell as many of these ad spots as you want or use them all yourself.

The Onlne Ad Network also has a very lucrative affiliate program. If you have three below yourself on the first line, your membership in TOAN will be paid fo ie break even. This is a big advantage as you can earn a lot both from selling your ad spots and also as an affiliate.

Some question and answer points:

What type of advertising can be used?
You can use both banners and text ads. Banner ads can be 125 * 125 or 468 * 60. Text ads can be almost as long as they want. You have 50 ad spots available each month.

Do I have to use all the ad spots every month?
No, you can use as many as you can or want. But you can sell the ad spots you do not use to others. This way you can make some extra money.

How does the system work?

You sign up for a subscription for $ 19.95 and get 50 ad spots every month. Then you create some ads for miscellaneous you have for sale or other affiliate programs. Your mindset is your limit.

How does the affiliate program work?
You earn your expense if you have three on your first line. Break-even. After that, all income. You get various bonuses when you fill lines 3, 4,5,6,7,8 and 9. These go from $ 100 and up to $ 10,000. You can actually make a lot of money by advertising this affiliate program. We have a group that will work towards $ 10,000 a month for 12 months. This is an email course that shows you where and when to advertise and how little it takes to achieve this goal.

Can I quit whenever I want?
Yes, you can quit whenever you want, but why do it when the potential is as great as it is? Sell ​​4 ad spots and you go break even, or get three on the first line below you and you are break even. This is really a win, win situation. Why give up then?

Is the system easy to use?
Yes, you can watch videos on how to set up, or read the articles available on the site. Everything is carefully described.

Why do you recommend The Online Ad Network (TOAN)?
Because I use it optimally for me. I use about 20 to 25 ad spots myself and sell the rest on eBay for $ 5 apiece. Our group work with the affiliate program and make money there as well, so for me, this is an important source of income. I get monthly payments from a company that pays on time every time.


The Online Ad Network or TOAN is a classified ads website
The Online Ad Network or TOAN is a classified ads website

TOAN is a company that has been online since the beginning of the 2000s. I’ve been there for a few years now, so I’m starting to get the hang of it now. If you really want a full internet income you should definitely consider The Online Ad Network as one of the best you can choose.

There are several ways to make money on this program. Affiliate revenue and sales of ad spots. I just love this program and that it is so easy to learn and earn money on it at the same time. Everyone should consider this program, classified ads sell like never before and now you have the chance to join to profit from this trend.

You have very little to lose by becoming a member today. Sign up now!
Follow my email course on how to advertise this to the outside world and you too will make a lot of money on TOAN (The Online Ad Network).
Easy work and easy to follow. Join us today!

Benefits of Using The Online Ad Network

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