Build a Home-Based Business

Build a Home-Based Business

Get off your butt and build a home-based business.
Get off your butt and build a home-based business.

Stop thinking about it. Stop making excuses. Get off your butt and build a home-based business. The reason you give for not getting started is the same reason the next person is going to use to make sure they get started.

What do I mean?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons I hear from people from around the world:

But I’m busy. Most people are busy. If you love what you are doing, that’s not a problem. But if you hate your job, as so many people do, this would be the best reason to get started and build a home-based business.

But I’m broke. No kidding? This is EXACTLY why you need to get started as soon as possible. A traditional job gives you a couple of ways to increase your income: Work more hours or get a raise. There is a limit to how many hours anyone works and asking for a raise typically doesn’t go very well. This is why so many people get started with a home-based business. They get tired of being broke.

But I have kids. Welcome to the big reason I started to build a home-based business back in the year 2000. I wanted MORE time with my kids and I didn’t like coming home from work to just hear about their day. I wanted to be a part of their day.

But my circumstances are different. I’m not even sure what this means, but if you don’t like the circumstances, get started changing them, today!

But I’ve failed before. So? All that means is that you’ve tried. I’ve failed several times in my life and will probably fail quite a few more before I’m done. That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow.

But I’m from a small town. The internet has made this a ridiculous excuse. I’m writing this article from a kitchen table out in the country and reaching people all over the world with my computer and internet access.

But I don’t have any friends. I have never met a single person that can actually say this truthfully, but here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter. We are talking about business. Solve a problem for people and provide a solution. Make friends along the way.

But my parents need me. Great! Make yourself even MORE useful and helpful by building a home-based business and make things easier for you and them.

But I work too many long hours. You just gave me a perfect reason to get started. A home-based business is about leverage. Success is about leverage. When you get started, you will work even MORE hours! But, if you do it right, you will reach a point that lets you start cutting back those job hours and maybe even fire your boss. (Trust me … that’s a really kewl feeling!)

But I have student loans. Yet another reason to build a home-based business. Use the income to pay off the loans. (Did I really need to type that?)

But I don’t know enough. Learn. We have Google. You have mentors and trainers available. We can literally learn everything we need to know. When I started my home-based business, I didn’t know ANYTHING about what I was doing.

But I have credit card debt. File this one under the same category as being broke and having student loans. You put stupid stuff on credit cards for years. Put something on there that can actually help you get free from the credit card trap.

But I’m fearful. Aren’t we all? New stuff can be scary. Attach yourself to someone that is getting the results you want and follow their example.

But I work full time. If you want to keep working full time, just stay right where you’re at (unless you get fired). If you don’t want to be working full-time 5 years from now, it’s time to start a home-based business.
I recognize this article is pretty direct; unapologetically so. If you don’t WANT a home-based business, that’s really ok. But if you are one of those folks who know you should or wishes you could, it’s just time to “get off your but” and get started. One person’s excuse is another person’s motivation. You get to choose if that is why you “can’t” or why you “must”.
Not sure where to begin?
Erlend Solvberg
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